"Rio might be the most beautiful city in the world, Salvador Bahia might be the most beautiful city of Brasil !"

Villa Flor is located in between the International Airport (by car 15minutes) and the historic city center Pelourinho. This part of the city is called Boca do Rio. There up on a hill called " Alto do Sao Francisco" you will find the Villa Flor.

Boca to Rio, once a lower middle class supurb these days is changing for a highly frequented "must visit" place. You might find fency restaurants, music clubs, next to the famous favelas.

Still close to the center of Salvador someone has the advantage of nice beaches, less traffic, and palm trees trembling in a cool breeze from the Atlantic ocean.

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Salvador Bahia

Salvador Bahia is a city full of music, dance, Carnival under the influence of the African culture, brought by the slaves in the former century.

The city, located 1000 miles north of Rio de Janeiro provides an outstanding good climate all year around thanks to it's superb location on a peninsula in between the Atlantic Ocean and the bay of all the Saints,'Baia de todos os Santos', with all it's tropical islands.

Salvador's 30 miles of beaches, thousands of hills, the Unesco protected historic city center 'Pelourinho', mixed with a modern Western Infrastructure and a new International Airport provide that Salvador Bahia has become one of the great travelling spots on this planet.