Frequently Asked Questions

-Where is the Villa Flor located ?

Villa Flor is located on a hill close to the coastline (5-10`walk) in between the international airport and the historic center of Salvador Bahia(Pelourinho).


-What facilities are nearby?

Around the house there are many restaurants, supermarkts, fish and fruit market, banks, post office, fitness center and a modern shopping center with movie theater and concert hall. In this part of Salvador Bahia you find many interesting people, a mix from all social classes and colours. You can buy good fish on the beach, drink a cold beer at the corner and walk around in security. More details about Salvador Bahia can easily be found in any travel guide.


-How big is the house?

It has all togheter 300 m²,sorrounded by plants,palms and flowers, trees and a nice view to the ocean.


-How much cost the rooms?

Costs of the rooms are between 20 and 40 dollar/person. Discount for groups on request.This price includes a nice breakfast OR lunch.


-What is the best time to travel?

Salvador Bahia is a superb all seasons travelling location. Between March and September there might be some short daily rainshower. Some people prefer this time, because Salvador is more empty, less tourism, still perfect to swim, or to explore the city`s beauty.



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